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Transporming of i- mind & i- heart through DPS International

There are barriers of religion, of cast, of colour,of nationality, of province, of languages, of customs and of rich and poor. Fortunately, Children do not know much about these barriers which separate. They play or work with each other and it is only when they grow up that begin to learn about these barriers from their elders.



DPS International is a school where talent is reared and global citizens are created. I now invite you to come and see for yourself of what we have stated about in true spirit.


DISTINCTION                                         DILIGENCE                                            DETERMINATION

DEDICATION                                            DISCIPLINE


5 D’s of Development

The aim of any school should be to provide the best possible education to its students.This , therefore, is the aim of DPS International.                                                                                                                         Our primary aim is to develop in the student qualities of integrity, Honest, Trust, Tolerance and Compassion to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temper within  the bonds of Humanism, to help the student become a meaningful part of the environment and to see that courage and industry have their due reward. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at DPS International rests on the positive belief that every man has it is in him to produce work, the quality of which can be described as first class.