We believe that each child has the talent to learn and developed.The integrated programme of these activities assist our students to master various skills.Our child centered approach is solely based on learning beyond the class room. In the contemporary world in which  your children  are competing and shining on the nation as well as international forums,education needs go far beyond the acquisition of academic competencies.In the competitive workplace around the world the need for developing life skills is of moexample of annotated bibliography apa abstract examplest importance.Therefore,we are imparting life skills among our students.The ten life skills listed by World Health Organisation will definitely help our students to grow as individual and make an early in their profession.I am confident that the students with these skills tent to become productive citizen’s with greater ability to cope with the challenge of life.The GOD ALMIGHTY will definitely shower his choicest blessing on us to perform our duties honestly so as to enjoy the bliss if Heaven on,our advisory board,who have experience and maturity of ruining hundreds of schools of high quality,they are also expert in managing world class school at global level.They are the most judicious having practical knowledge which is the  need of the age. I can assure you that DPSI will be a school with difference.  I also assure that your child will get the best of East and West.grammar check online